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Half Human x Half Nature | Artist Spotlight

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

High up in the mountains of Bir, Himachal Pradesh is where singer/songwriter Kalyaani and producer/sound engineer Kvstvm Mvsicivn met in 2019. They had been following each other's work since the past few years. Soon after, they decided to work together professionally, forming Half Human x Half Nature. They are currently working on a full-length album, of which 7 singles have already been completed. Having stayed in Mumbai and Pune, respectively, before travelling to the North, they now feel at home, away from the noisy, fast paced city life. In order to facilitate music production for the duo, as well as local talent and travelling musicians, HHHN set up a home studio.

HHHN's latest release is titled 'Flow' premiered on November 22, 2020 and was recorded as a special project in 50 hours for the India Film Festival during the COVID-19 pandemic. Kvstvm Mvsicivn has worked with simple yet soothing beats while Kalyaani's vocals add to the calm aura of the song. The track also features a rap verse performed by Pune-based artist, Slimey Slimm. HHHN says that their inspiration for their music is nature and its beauty. This also explains the music video, which is a series of time lapses, shot in the mountains. There's just something about the skies that will never fail to capture human eyes.

Half Human x Half Nature believes in a taking the minimalistic approach to everything they do, with the belief of less is more. The duo have about 20 years of experience in music amongst them. When asked who they would like to collaborate with, HHHN noted that they are already working with a few artists they love for upcoming tracks, However, they made a special mention of Masego. HHHN mentioned that while a studio is a special place for every artist, the duo's is even more so, since it smells like the forest.

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