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Savaal Pe Savaal - Hiphop Society

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

We had a chance to start our collaboration with Mumbai's Hiphop Society. We had a chance to Interview Aakash Satpute the founder of Hiphop Society about his experiences of the Indian Hiphop scene emerging in Mumbai

When did you start Hip-hop Society?

I created the HipHop Society in 2018. Although I started my involvement with HipHop in 2012.

What made you start the Hip-hop Society?

I started HHS because "Make hip hop, not bullshit" is my main moto.

What do you think about the Hip-hop Scene in India?

The HipHop scene in India is unbalanced means some of there are people who make Real Hiphop but they don't get attention while people with no agenda, making music based on faking are getting recognition. Some are doing it only for money and the trend which makes it a bad scene for the ones trying to create OG Rap.

What is the future of Indian Rap?

I think that it's not important that rap is all about Gully Rap, there are many more things such as poverty, corruption, and many more things that rappers don't talk about.

How do Instagram groups Impact the Hip-hop scene In India?

It's because of Instagram growth that we spread such a huge amount of real Hip Hop.

The followers don't matter if the music is real music.

Which Artists do you think are emerging in the Hip-hop scene?

In my mind, there are so many such as Dopeadelicz, Swadesi, Mc Altaf, 7 Bantaiz, M Town Breakers, SeEdhe Maut, EPR, Siri, Rap hopper, Catzbak, and many more real artists.

What is the future of Hip-hop in India?

For now, the Hip Hop scene is unbalanced in India but it depends on the upcoming generation whether they wanna be real artists or a trend followers but will spread real hip hop till I am alive.

Who is the inceptor of the Hiphop scene in India?

I think it was Baba Sehgal who dropped his first Hindi rap album in 1992 and the second rapper to make it famous is BOHEMIA.

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