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  • Virendra Narain

Savaal pe Savaal | Mission Recovery

1. What is your artist name and why?

My name is Vishal, and my artist name is Mission Recovery. I came up with the name

Mission Recovery to get over the things that go on inside my head and about the kind of nightmares that I have been having. It's my effort to create awareness about mental health problems and other youth-centric topics. This has always been my approach and that is how I came up with Mission Recovery.

2. What genres are you known for?

I produce my own music and Rap is my main genre, I am also influenced by Hard rock and love to inculcate its elements in my music.

3. What’s the name of your latest track?

My new single, ‘voices’ came out on the 31st of July which was before my birthday,

which was on the 2nd of August. My music is majorly influenced by drum and bass. If

you have listened to the song you’ll get to know that it's a pretty different track compared to the rest of my music. I did it with a hard rock approach in the Nu metal/Hard rock genre. My friend Sam did the guitar riff for this song. He was a ghost writer and guitarist for a few indie bands at the time. 'Sadly he is not with us anymore. He succumbed to cancer in 2016. I thought that I should get this song out there, and see how it goes. To my surprise, the response of the audience is amazing.

4. What made you write Voices?

‘Voices’ is about sleep paralysis and its something i suffer from personally. Sam suffered from it more than me. He used to speak about it, it was very relatable to me as the last couple of years. I've been having same issues here, and so, it got culminated into one track as an idea. It made sense for me to get it out there. It's something that a lot of people in the world do go through,and they don't really express it. It fits perfectly with the theme because after all, all these things go inside your head. It suits my theme of creating awareness towards mental health issues. That was the inspiration behind voices.

5. Where can I find your music?

My music is available on all platforms. You can stream it on apps like Spotify, Apple

Music, Google Play, on YouTube, and on Amazon Music.

6. What is your creative process?

As a hip-hop artist, I like to write the lyrics down first and then go by the beats. I keep on feeling beats and doing vocal scat till I can fit enough words to fit the flow. If it sounds good to me then I can consider it to put it in the track. Especially when you are dealing with rap music you want to get the right flow. I used this method to write my older tracks.

I've done a couple of experimental tracks. ‘Save me’ is amongst one of them which

have tried to test my creative side. I have got a good amount of songs in the Hip Hop genre, so I thought it's time to try something a little different. Specially with 'Voices', 'Save me', etc. I can get the vibe as I wrote the song first. when the song was coming into place, I started to feel that the crowd could relate to it better. After that, with bit of tweaking things and toning things down, I was trying to make it a lot more agreeable and a lot more scale-able for the crowd. I first write it down and then do the music. It's working for me although a little challenging but still it's working for me.

7. Have you played live in your artist career?

I am in Bangalore right now. There are some places (Pubs) there which let you perform,

they don't pay you, But you get a drink and you get a bit of exposure. I have performed at

a couple of places. I’m not really fond of it because the vibe, you see going on stage hits

(differently) than when you go to any pub and perform there. Although I've done a fair

amount of live performances. Ever since the lockdown, I've gotten more opportunities to

perform virtually. You cannot feel the crowd but you can explore which is great for

gearing myself in different setups.

8. What is next for you as an artist?

I have been following strategic resemblance coming up with a new single every month.

my audience is kind of expecting from me now. I work on my music every day even

though I am a working individual. I keep everything aside in the night and focus on my

music. I have a lot of songs which I want to present. when it comes to an album I do have

some plans. I think I will update people pretty soon about it, But still not a formulated

idea, still a working process. It will be very rap and aggressive score of albums. But right

now I am going with the singles.

9. How do you feel the internet has impacted the music scene?

The internet has brought a certain Boom to it. Certainly there is an advantage, social

media has been very progressive for me. The whole atmosphere of stages and gigs

ascertains the difference. many people use the internet in a pretty great manner. There is a lot of abuses to it as well, so there is a lot of confusion about what is a genuine content,

and what is a meme material. I feel social media is a double-edged sword.

10. Who are your inspirations?

There are a couple of artists. I would not deny but Linkin Park is my biggest inspiration

when it comes to music, as a listener you could get that Vibe. I’m a big fan of Mike

Shinoda. When it comes to the lyrical content, and the things that I want to discuss

through my music, NF has been one of my biggest inspirations. I Love The Way he lifted

the bars high. The kind of content that he writes, in the 'no cursing' rule that he has, I also

started implementing that in my music. So Linkin Park, Fort Minor, and NF would be my

top 3 picks.


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