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‘Hold On To Me’ – Ruhee Ahamed’s latest single on cherishing the little moments in the ‘now’

A dream that started with wanting her own songs on a cassette tape when she was little, Ruhee Ahamed has come a long way in her musical journey. This 33-year-old singer-songwriter hails from Bangalore and enjoys singing a good many genres ranging from jazz, pop, R&B, western classical, and regional melodies. She took to the stage when she was just 3 years old and now has worked with multiple choirs over the years, the likes of Wishbone Factory, Camerata, and Concordia. Ahamed is currently one of the female lead vocalists of the famed and popular ensemble Bryden & Parth. She has also collaborated with notable indie artists like Slain, Agam, Lagori, Bennet & The Band, Jason Zachariah, and the Riverman Band. Apart from this, she is also a voiceover artist, a vocal arranger, a teaching artist, and a mom to three fur cats and her child Mikhail, when she is not touring. Trying to capture the feelings that love evokes through melody and song is her life’s pursuit.

Her latest single ‘Hold On To Me,’ which was released on 17th June 2022, is a part of her upcoming debut EP ‘Things I Have To Say.’ It encompasses her songwriting, and unique singing style, and tries to capture the ‘still-ness’ everyone craves to be ‘in the present without rushing to meet the future. “ It is an ode to my love, who has been my everything with his unwavering support, on my not-so-pleasant journey as an artist,” Ahamed adds. The single is a mix of slow pop and R&B that was written when she was mad at her husband until she realized that she couldn’t stay mad for too long. She said that it was “galling” for her to accept that all she wanted was to forgive him and have him hold on to her. The song was recorded and partially produced at Spacebot Entertainment, Bangalore. When she felt like her piano playing didn’t do justice to the song, Israel Thomas stepped in for the keyboard. The song also has Jonathan Anand Wesley on production, mixing, and mastering.

With love as her influence, Ruhee Ahamed hopes to share her love, gratitude, and all the gamut of emotions in between with her listeners and their loved ones through this song.

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