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Savaal pe Savaal | Lotus

Through our music we intend to immerse listeners in cascading waves of rhythmic groove and atmospheric guitars through an ocean of ambient harmonies. We aim to push the envelope of genre based music, by fusing rock, prog, post-rock & electronic music to create an aural experience like no other. 

1. What is your artist name and why?

We are Lotus. The idea about the name Lotus came to us when we realized that we wanted to signify our persona and how we see ourselves as people. We really connect with nature and we believe it had some sort of simplicity to it. Also we keep our faith in the geometry of things around us, so our logo too seems really simple just like the name.

2. What genre are you most famous for?

Our music has been evolving with each track we work on, and we have always looked at newer ways to bring forth this taste. But if we had to settle for one genre, we would say Modern Rock.

3. Why did you pick that genre?

Both me (Siddharth) and Robert have had varied influences growing up; where we, each grew up to different styles of music, be it metal or rock or electronica. So our sounds are forever evolving and initially we started off writing metal music as we come from a really heavy musical background, but as our sounds evolved and we heard more and more artists, we felt modern rock was where we found our taste.

4. The name of your latest EP and what it is inspired by?

Our recent work was our EP, Emergence EP. Speaking of inspiration, I (Siddharth) would just pick my guitar and hit a riff and realise that yes. Even a guitar riff can have so many stories and such an energetic and controlling vibe to it. We would play our music to each other and it would just be so productive as we would just start planning out what needs to be there, what doesn’t and that's basically it. That’s where we planned it all. Most of our music is for us to inspire people and to become a rhythm that just gets stuck in their head and makes them paint a picture like we do by getting one with nature.

5. Where can we find your Music?

We are available on all music-streaming platforms. You name it, and we’re there.

6. What inspired you to start music and when?

The both of us come from a very heavy music background, and 5 to 6 years ago we came together and started working on our music as individuals and then vibed to our sounds. And initially our music was borderline chaotic, later we found a simpler groove that matched our rhythm and that’s where it all fell into place.

7. Who are your inspirations?

Our inspirations are Opeth, Cloud Kicker, a lot of modern Metal bands were a few of our initial inspirations, as we would get a vibe from their music and we would try to emote our feelings into our music just in the same way they did. And I guess that’s that.

8. What is your creative process?

When we get down to writing music. It usually starts off with just messing up on my guitar and then I hit a riff which just feels so transformational, that I just have to move ahead from there and make something out of it. I guess that’s where we start off. And it develops from there into our music.

9. Who would you like to collaborate with?

Well, we already are collaborating with an artist. So initially the EP was supposed to have somewhere between 8-9 tracks; and we would put out small clips of what is to come on our social media. And this vocalist just contacted us from out of the blue. So we sent him some of our tracks; and he sent us back some insane vocals which blew our minds as to what we thought of our track and what it could be. So our next EP will have the tracks with him and we will be having the original 4 tracks with vocals and another 4 to 5 tracks.

10. How do you feel the internet has impacted the music scene?

The internet has helped in building a reach for an artist, because if a guy is making music, what are the chances of him being heard as an artist, his reach is just based on people close to him or if he becomes a street performer. But now; you just put it out on a public forum and the chances are, that someone on a completely different continent is listening to you. It’s happening as we speak. But everything does have its pros and cons, but I feel that the pros outweigh the cons on this one.

To conclude, the delivery of music has been sensational, especially with the added fact of music videos etc. coming in. That’s a game changer, as you can show your story to people with your music and show them what your thought was behind that sound.

The con is that there’s a lot of content that people have to filter through to actually get reach and find good content and organic content takes a lot of time to get a good reach. Also a lot of cover artists gain more recognition as compared to original content creators.

So I guess that’s our take on that.

Check out their EP Emergence On Youtube!


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