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HVSH sings about people's guilty pleasures and secrets in his single 'Down' featuring Deverano

Never Settle is Arun D'silva's motto in life. Going by the moniker HVSH, he is a producer and songwriter from Cochin, Kerela. He came up with the stage name HVSH which is pronounced 'Hush' as he sings about people's darkest secrets, addictions, and guilty pleasures.

HVSH is inspired by genres like RnB, Hip-Hop, Pop, and dancehall. He's looking to create a new sound for the world which goes beyond genres and styles. His mission is to create a space filled with harsh truths and genuine expression.

HVSH’s latest release 'Down’ is the opening single leading to his debut EP titled

'Interlude' is set to release later this year. The single was released on 26th February 2022.

This track features singer/songwriter Deverano whose Latin roots bring an attractive smoothness to this rough and intense narrative. It is further accompanied by an infectious hook and melodies that catch you off guard, only to grip you instantly.

When we asked him about the single, he told us "This project speaks loud on his nuanced take on heartbreak, with him as the antagonist dealing with the multitude of emotions his partner goes through as their relationship creeps to its end".

Although the track took 3 months to produce, it was recorded in a single take. The song is often subconsciously hummed by his ex who the song is about.

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