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Hysaze & Solven will put your head in the clouds with their new single 'Take Me Back'

They say you can either be a mountain person or beach person. Well, if you're the second kind, tropical deep house is the music for you! 19-year-old Harshit Singh aka Hysaze is here to put in the perfect mood to drive down to the coast and chill with the sand and waves and a beer in your hand. In all the Indian music we've heard in the past few months, Hyse is the first to go down the path that musicians like Kygo and Robin Schulz shed light upon. He discovered 'good music' with the Monstercat record label from Canada which features artists like Marshmello and Pegboard Nerds.

His latest release 'Take Me Back' is his second collaboration with Greek musician Solven and features vocals by Alia Faye from San Francisco, California. The music on this track is perfect to get your head above the clouds. Alia's voice is soulful and uplifting, blending perfectly with the beats. Considering that a song's ability to make you groove is its merit, this track gets brownie points for its simple yet catchy melodies. After getting rejected by multiple labels, the track was put out by Loudkult. Hysaze tells us that it was inspired by Flume's creations. One of his other major singles is 'Summer Wave' which has more than a million steams on Spotify!

Hysaze learnt music production in 2017 on FL Studio, spurred by his curiosity. He is also involved in dubstep/bass music scene, with songs like 'Legends' and 'My Life is Going On'. He continues to explore the global music industry and works with like-minded artists he finds on Instagram. Talk about the world wide web! He tells us that his favorite colors are Lavender and Magic Mint. If the opportunity ever presented itself, Hysaze would love to work with Jayden Lewis and Trivecta.

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