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In conversation with ‘The Overseas Project’ about their latest single ‘Pehli Dhoop’ and EP ‘Umeed’

Being night owls, the musical magic happens in the dead of the night for The Overseas Project. The band's name has its origins in the logic that it was formed when all of its members were overseas. It has Hasib Reza as the producer, composer, and programmer while Amitabh Sengupta fills in as the singer/songwriter and composer of the band.

Founded in 2012 in Kuwait to merge their styles of rock/electronic music and Indian pop-rock, Reza and Sengupta aim to create a modern musical ensemble. When Amitabh decided to move to Kuwait for job opportunities, he met Hasib, who was running a studio working with their erstwhile guitarist Majid to create originals. They needed a vocalist and that’s when they met Amitabh. The band now also features other celebrated musicians who have added their flavor to the mix.

‘Pehli Dhoop,’ their latest single, marks the start of a new day as the first rays of the sun reach out of the tranquil mountains and a city ready to bustle. The song also talks about the hope that people carry to savor and be thankful for the small things in life that are generally taken for granted. The song also has Jacob Panicker on the bass guitar, Christopher Foneca on the guitar, and Randhir Dange on the drums. Released on the 12th of June, the song took about 3 months to produce and was partly recorded in Kuwait and Pune.

‘Umeed,’ their debut EP was released on the 24th of July and has already been making it to the top. It has four songs, namely, ‘Umeed,’ ‘Talaash,’ ‘Aagey Badho,’ and ‘Tere Desh Main.’ Each of the four songs speaks of hope, unfinished love stories, peace, and communal harmony respectively. The EP is a mix of pop-rock and electronic and took a year to produce. ‘Umeed’ was recorded in Kuwait at Hasib’s studio. It was also featured on major Asian music channels and received recognition from top music journals. ‘Aagey Badho,’ was featured on the MTV Nescafé Wall Of Fame, and the song ‘Umeed’ was played on MTV Indies.

The Overseas Project endeavors to work on new elements and sounds to create the best fusion and we wish them good luck.

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