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'Indigenous Theory' by 'Darcligt' is a collaborative act unlike any seen before!

Darcligt is a collaborative studio act, curated by Anand Iyer from Mumbai. The lineup consists of talented 16 artists all working together to create an album experience like never before. The Darcligt project came into being in 2018 and has released its first album called Indigenous Theory. It is a one-of-a-kind attempt to collaborate with various artists & write an album. Indigenous Theory is an amalgamation of early 2000’s nu-metal/ rock and modern progressive music. The album refers to balance, love, spirituality & carries a reference to infinity.

The Members who collaborated on the album are as follows :

On Drums: Saurav Dutta, Naman Sachdev, Sujit Chavan, Evan Shimron, Pratik

Kulgod, Karan Mehta & Pritesh Prabhune.

On Bass: Jatin (Djunk), Mitish Amin, Soumitra Vichare (Elektrik Asylum), Sharan

Nair & Emmanuel D’souza.

On Leads: Toshimoa Jamir

On Vocals: Priyyank, Deep Ramkumar & Jackson Lopez


"My involvement with Darcligt came as a default with a decade of performing live with Andy. So did the understanding of Prog metal/djent came with challenges of writing and doing justice to the poetic and melodic structures. I have a hardwired mind for this beautiful genre, of which I personally enjoy and naturally groove to carry.

Collaboration with a new drummer/bass player on each song felt like dealing with a rainbow, it was that fun and exciting to believe was happening.

Challenges conquered and life has been a completely different picture ever since my involvement. A sense of belonging with the collaborating members of the album and all accomplishments as remarkable.

Cheers to Darcligt - Indigenous Theory! A part of me belongs to you."

--Priyyank (Vocals)

“This is Pratik and I have played drums on the song Anitya from the album "Indigenous Theory". I had a ball of time working on this song with Anand. One of my favorite parts was the clear-cut working ethic he has and the professional approach that was taken towards the recording of this song and I'm sure that's true for the other songs in the album as well. As far as the music is concerned I was given a choice of songs and I picked Anitya as soon as I heard it because I had drum parts coming in my mind from the get go. I hope this album does well and we can collaborate further in the future.”

--Pratik Kulgod (Drums)

‘Rapid Eye Movement’ is a straight nostalgic reminder of my metal drumming days with Chronic Phobia and Orion. Down-tuned guitars, playing with time signatures, chuggy breakdowns, just the plain raw energy in the riffs brought back the underlying metal which still runs deep inside my veins! It was an extremely refreshing endeavor writing intense drum lines after a long break and I’d love to do it again. And I encourage more mass collaborative projects such as Darcligt’s ‘Indigenous Theory’! 🤘🏼

--Pritesh Prabhune aka PrabhuNeigh (Drums)

"The timing for Indigenous Theory couldn't have been better. Working in events I had nothing going on and was practically jobless due to the pandemic. I jumped at the idea of a crowd sourced album and was surprised that Anand aka Andy aka Darcligt even considered me for the album given that my work has mostly been in the alternate rock genre. But I had a ball recording for it. Living in a shared space in Dubai it was quite a challenge to record. I was always worried someone might come knocking at the door. I could only imagine the effort it took to handle a cohort of musicians and working with everyone online with countless files of takes and retakes being sent over every day. It's almost a year since then and looking back at it today and what it has transformed to, I couldn't have asked for better."

--Jackson Lopez (Vocals)

"It was good fun working with Andy’s Darcligt on this collaborative album! Also, a long time waiting for me to work on a metal project. All the co-ordination to work and complete the songs, putting in ideas, was exciting and it added up to the eagerness of listening to the final product. So, it was worth putting in the efforts because the end product turned out to be killer as expected! Thanks to Andy and the team of Darcligt to bring in artists together for this. This is needed now and then!"

--Jatin aka Djunk (Bass)

"It has been a rewarding experience working with such a great, talented group of people. Things were bleak for me before I was placed in this position but I am glad that I got a chance to be a part of the Darcligt family and the beautiful composition of UNS. This is my first ever project, so it is very close to my heart and will continue to remain so. Indigenous Theory is being lapped up by the music lovers. It is quite overwhelming to see such an amazing response being garnered by our album. It is indeed a relief to know that not only the songs (which talk about love, balance, spirituality and infinity) struck a chord with everyone but the lyrics too managed to resonate with the current generation. So, here’s a massive thank you to all those who showered us with love and support, please continue to do so."

--Mitish Amin (Bass)

"Since the inception of the idea of collaborating with a bunch of artists was already pretty dope, and I was so stoked to be a part of it. Having worked with familiar folks and being friends since a long time, I was always open to the idea of playing drums. The whole process was kick ass, from the compositional point of view as well as the sound. It all began with Andy who gave me a couple of songs to choose from and then I had some time in my hand to play for the tracks. And now how the tracks sound has blown me beyond expectations. The album overall is so well put together with wallpapers, ringtones and a bunch of other stuff. My overall experience has been overwhelmingly amazing.

Looking forward to much more promising work with DL in future."

--Evan Shimron(Drums)

"Working on "Indigenous Theory" & "Another Day" has been a breath of fresh air, especially after being distant from the "scene" and the metal community for a very long time. The energy, the melody, the progressive nature and the overall emotion of the song hit home for me, as well as Andy's vision for the sound of the album was right up my alley and I must say I had a blast working on the bass sections. Most importantly I'm extremely happy to see the community working as a single unit, belting out such mind blowing music. Looking forward to many more of these mega collaborations."

--Sharan Nair (Bass)

'Uns' resonated with me from the moment I heard the riffs laid out by Andy. The instruments gave me a fair amount of breathing space for the vocals to fit in, and I couldn't have asked for more. This allowed me to translate everything in my head and put it onto this track, giving me enough chances to fill it up with harmonies and sweet melodies. I'm glad to be a part of a collaboration of this capacity, and I'd do it again without giving it a thought.

--Deep Ramkumar (Vocals)

"I got hooked on to 'The Reticent' the moment I heard the demo. The song was right up in my zone with the uptempo beat and aggressive and mean guitar. There is something about that song that gets you hooked right away as it starts! Tracking bass over it was an extremely fun and a rewarding experience and to hear the song turn out like this is an otherworldly experience."

--Soumitra aka Elektrik Asylum (Bass)

“Anand and I have been band mates before this project... I had always been fascinated with his song writing and when he asked me to be a part of this collaboration, I immediately said yes without even giving it a second thought... This project was kind of an escape from the “new normal” for me and getting my mind focused in creating new music with some of the finest musicians in the scene. I remember talking to him in every step of the production and he has been very supportive and open minded in listening to my ideas for the song. Overall, my experience in this project was nothing less than amazing and here we are today celebrating this album!!! Cheers to everyone who was a part of this project and thanks to Anand for letting me be a part of this awe-inspiring collection of songs. Looking for some more of this!!!”

--Saurav Dutta (Drums)

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