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Is love in love? You’ll know if you listen to Rolland’s latest single ‘Hopeless Romantic’

Born in Andaman and Nicobar islands, Rolland started playing the guitar at the age of 13, beginning his journey with music. As he learned more and more about music through the years, he also learned how to play the piano. His father was a church priest, the artist got involved in the musical sessions of his church. After this, he slowly started taking interest in mainstream pop music and started writing songs around the same time he started playing the guitar. The 21-year-old artist later released his first song ‘I’m not okay’ on Spotify in 2020 and hasn’t looked back since.

For Rolland, music is his best way to communicate. The Bangalore-based artist has many influences like Dominic Fike, Lauv, LANY, Troye Sivan, Anson Seabre, etc and has also tried to recreate the styles of pop artists like One Direction and Ed Sheeran. When he released his single ‘4000,’ he got the attention of many people in the US. The artist defines his story as ‘Exciting,’ in one word.

‘Hopeless Romantic,’ his latest single is a track inspired by Rolland’s characteristics. “I’ve always been a hopeless romantic in general. This song talks about the honest admitting of love being cheesy and not ashamed of showing that romantic side of a person,” he said. Released on the 8th of September, the song talks about, or admits rather, of love being in love.

The singer-songwriter has attempted to be vulnerable in this track by talking about himself and his ideas of how love is/should be. The instrumental in the song which is quite simple and chill is something that the artist tried for the first time. The pop song took him a week to record and finish production. The musician who likes to prefer to start from scratch and finish the product on his note, recorded ‘Hopeless Romantic,’ in his flat in Bangalore, thus giving him creative freedom.

This young artist hopes to collab with artists like Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, Louis Tomlinson and more in the future.

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