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"Ishq (Phir Milegi) By Praddyottan Feat Kusumitha: Falling in Love Again and the Changes it Brings

"Ishq (Phir Milegi)" is a ghazal-type composition that speaks about falling in love once again. It challenges the popular belief that there is only one person for everyone, and instead suggests that a person can fall in love multiple times in their lifetime. The song captures the changes that romance can bring, and the light, hope, and happiness it can bring to one's life.

As the lyrics suggest, when one falls in love, they begin to smile without even realizing it. The world as they know it turns upside down, and they start to realize that the answer to all of their confusions, doubts, and questions lies in love. This can make them feel as if they are drowning in it, and forget about the rest of the world.

The male version of this song was originally intended for a film and was sung by Sonu Nigam. However, the project was later halted due to some issues. Praddyottan, the song's composer, decided to release the song independently in another genre and style.

Praddyottan is a music composer and director from India who started his journey in music at the age of 11 as a keyboard player. He was mentored by his father, a music director, and worked as a sound engineer and assistant on over 80-100 films. He dropped out of school after finishing 6th grade to focus on music full time and later got his grade 8 in piano from Trinity College of London.

He has worked on many films, including "Ice Cream," and notable works include directing music for films like "Devarantha Manushya" and "Gajanana and Gang." He has also worked with well-known musicians such as SP Balasubramaniam and Sonu Nigam. His upcoming projects include movies like "Madeva" and "Tanuja."

He collaborated with Kusumitha V for this track. Kusumitha is a 21-year-old music journalist from Bengaluru who is the narrator, is trained in various forms of music, and is also a theatre artist, painter, sketch artist, and writer. She met Praddyottan through a common friend, and the song is a blend of poetic lyrics, Indian classical music and pop music. Their collaboration is a beautiful blend of poetic lyrics, Indian classical music and pop music. Kusumitha's vocal skills and Praddyottan's composition creates a powerful and emotional impact on the listener. The collaboration showcases the diversity and depth of Indian music, and the unique blend of traditional and modern elements creates a sound that is both familiar and fresh.

In conclusion, "Ishq (Phir Milegi)" is a beautiful and thought-provoking song that explores the complexities of falling in love again and again. It highlights the changes that romance can bring and the hope and happiness it can bring to our lives. It is a must-listen for anyone who has ever experienced the joys and heartbreaks of love.

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