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It's the little things that truly matter: Sahil Pathak's latest EP "The Night We Met"

Sahil Pathak, a 19-year-old from Pune, is a newbie to the music industry. He began his journey three years ago starting with learning how to play the piano and sing and picked up the guitar a year ago.

Pathak has written quite a few songs and has a raw composition of them. They are primarily acoustic pop songs and he plans on releasing them soon. He's covered many artists over the years and keeps working on his voice and instruments to refine his skills and keep getting better. Without his piano, guitar and earphones, this artist wouldn't be who he is. In the future, he'd like to collaborate with Anuv Jain and Shawn Mendes.

'The Night We Met', his latest EP, debuted on all streaming platforms on the 30th of July this year. Exploring the theme of love, this original pop track highlights the significance of the little things that truly make a relationship or a friendship special, rather than THE grand gestures. Originally intended to be a ballad, Pathak gave it an unorthodox spin by adding percussions and kicks to lend it a unique vibe. It is not a vocally complex track and it took two sessions at a local studio, spanning two hours each to record the vocals and lay down the instruments. The production and mastering following this took about two months. The artwork for the EP was made by Rohan Damle, a close friend of the artist.

"My next few songs should be something in the R&B, 80’s pop and acoustic songs. I want to be versatile with my voice and create different music which appeals to a larger audience", says Sahil. He hopes to deliver something new in the next few months and is super stoked to begin his journey, as are we and we wish him the best of luck.

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