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Jayantho and Sruthi have expressed in their latest track, "Doorie" bhi zaroorie hai

Doorie is a wistful pop song about a couple in a long-distance relationship saying a bittersweet goodbye for the evening and promising to meet again tomorrow. It chronicles moments of love, the fights and the joys, with all the missing and longing that comes with loving someone who's not physically around all the time.

Doorie is a pop duet performed by Jayantho from India and Sruthi Dhulipala from San Francisco, California. The song was released on April 29, 2022. It got featured on Fresh Arrivals Hindi Music on Amazon Music and New Arrivals on Apple Music. In just a few months since its debut, Doorie has garnered over 40k+ listens on Spotify to date.

Jayantho recalls developing music with Sruthi Dhulipala back in the year 2021 during a 48-hour song contest and nearly ruining her chances of submission. He says he set out to make good on his promise to return to her with original music within a month, which is how Doorie as a project came together just over a month after that fateful night.

Jayantho spent several years making covers before he started writing original music. This change in direction took place when he realized that honestly looking into the mirror while making music helped to connect with the audience on a much deeper, more personal level. His personal experiences inspired him to write lyrics and made the music even more of an outlet for expressing himself freely and honestly, which is why songs like Little Girl have become so popular with fans.

He was nominated as a finalist for Hungama IIMA music awards " along with a couple of other nominations for 'The Opening Act' 2019.

When asked how he makes his music Jayantho is quick to reply that he is a morning person. He is currently pursuing my master's degree in Journalism & Mass Communications. So when it comes to finding time for music, for him it happens after coming home from college. On the days when he feels inspired, they record their ideas on a voice recorder and send them over to their producer.

Doorie celebrates the moments of love - the joy, the fights, the longing, and how absence makes the heart grow fonder. It's all there in the chorus "Doorie bhi zaroorie."

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