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Jordan Ali | Artist Spotlight

Jordan Ali from Navi Mumbai has a style that mesmerizes us time and time over, He has been a solo artists since the last 2 years but was in a band 7 years prior to this, All of this started when he was in this 7th grade and he made a band with friends and soon started playing stages of venues like Bluefrog and Hard Rock Cafe. Playing in the styles of Rock and Blues he and his band covered Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd and Niravana during which he enhanced his skills of singing and showmanship. The Band Split after they all got done with college around 2 years ago, but that wasn't the end for Jordan instead it was the beginning of his career as a professional Solo Artist.

Jordan released his RnB Funk styled track called "You" on 6th of September, 2020. You can feel Bruno Marks and Pharrel Williams influence in the track as its a funky one! His aim is to create fun music that people can enjoy and shake a leg to. The tasty bass-line, minimalist beat and subtle use of other instruments throw the spotlight on his voice his main instrument.

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