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Jugnu's New EP "Talaash" Speaks About Desire, Search, and Lesson

A band based in Kolkata, Jugnu defines their story as something of a “struggle.” It

started with Sujay and two other founding members back in April 2016. Later, Mandeep, who was just finishing high school, joined the band as a guitarist in 2017. The band further got many new members. 2018 was a period where Jugnu thrived. They won many local, state, and national competitions majorly in IITs and Xavier’s. However, this was followed by a dry period for the band with only Sujay and Mandeep left in the same. They struggled to keep their band alive by doing day jobs to support the band financially. During this time, both of them thought of making an EP together with their songs that were primarily not written for Jugnu.

Four of those songs formed the EP we know today. ‘Talaash’ was released on the 16th of June. The band collaborated with Dipraj Chandra for bass, Abhishek Dasgupta for vocals, Mamik Banerjee for drums, and Savantan Guha for keyboard. The EP has three modes – wish/desire, search, and lesson. Each of these modes is represented by three songs and an intro.

The intro ‘Unmaad’ expresses a state of confusion, analogous to falling asleep and waking up in a dream. ‘Wish/desire,’ is represented by the song ‘Kaash.’ According to the band, this is more like a person daydreaming about the ‘what could’ve been’ than the ‘what is.’ The search is represented by the song ‘Kahaaniyaan.’ It is rhetorical and serves as a mirror for the listener. It is the second stage where the person starts to doubt themselves and sets out to discover what is possible. The final song ‘yaad’ serves both as a reminder as well as a lesson in this journey. With knowledge as its fundamental theme, this song is like a reminder saying that sometimes, despite your best efforts, not every dream comes true. With Hindi rock as its genre, the EP was recorded at Mars Museum Studios by Sayantan Guha, who also played the keyboard for the EP. It took Jugnu a week to finish the EP.

The band wishes to collaborate with other Indian artists like Coshish, The Pineapple Express, and many more. We wish them good luck.

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