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Junoo amplifies hope in his single 'Hai Roshni' with Derick Nathaniel

During this time where we've come full circle after a year of sitting at home and hoping that things get better soon, Ashish Pisharodi aka Junoo is here to instill hope and courage in all of us. Born and raised in Bhopal, the producer tells us that his interest in music started in his school days and led him to take up music as a full-time career at the age of 22. He initially played the drums, piano, and guitar, but his fascination with production and understanding music on a deeper level is what led him to delve into this side of music. His work is usually in the melodic/future bass genre.

Junoo's latest single 'Hai Roshni' featuring his childhood friend Derick Nathaniel was released on March 12, 2021. Ashish tells us that the song is based largely on the past year and how it has made us feel. He tells us that while many of us felt demotivated, being stuck at home and not able to achieve the goals we had set for ourselves when 2020 began. There is still hope of a better day to come soon, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. He talks about an uplifting light, that rids us of the darkness and doom and gloom atmosphere that we currently live in. The track features some top-notch melodies and will keep you hooked throughout. Further, Derick's voice and tone compliment the music perfectly and once you hear both they fit like pieces of a puzzle.

Junoo's work is a clear depiction of his musical influences such as Zedd, Illenium, and Ritviz. He would also like to work with these artists if he got the chance. Junoo has also tried to implement and include Indian/classical beats into his rather electronic bass music in order to create a more sonically evolved sound palette.

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