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  • Virendra Narain

Kafeel | Artist Spotlight

Kafeel is the alias that Jorawar takes on when he gets on stage as a rapper from Chandigarh. His story with music began when he was in the 7th grade where he started writing poetry without knowing about hip-hop or rap. "I just love rhyming the words" he says. His latest release Muqaam (meaning 'Destiny') talks about his journey so far in discovering who he is and where he stands with what he has been building OR was written as a befitting reply to his childhood friends opposing the decision of him choosing music as a career.

Jorawar tells us that he wrote 'Muqaam' as it was disappointing for him hearing his friends' thoughts on him choosing music as a career path. Being supported by the ones who are the closest to you is a natural perception inside the mind of an artist who is just starting out. Unfortunately at times there is resistance at the receiving end, which makes one feel if what they are doing is not right. Jorawar however stuck with his intuition and wrote 'Muqaam' as he felt that was the one way he could redeem himself for what he was becoming. In his rhyme he talks about his journey, the dreams he has had, the trouble he faced and thanks God for the support he got from the ones who decided to stay regardless.

As the cogs start spinning and Jorawar's work is getting recognized, he tells us proudly of his humble beginnings despite the fact that only a handful of people are listening to what he has put out there. Reminiscing the time he was in the 7th Grade, Jorawar was rhyming words and giving rhythms to his thoughts without really knowing what Hip-Hop or Rap was. It was then where he met Pragun and Rehan, who made him listen to the artists in the scene leading to the first independent release of 'Aulaad' - the first track that Jorawar had produced in the July of 2020. They also helped Jorawar with honing his vocal prowess and finessing his rhythm. Getting a taste of what he could do, Kafeel was born and in his words - there is no going back!

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