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Kalbaisakhi | Artist Spotlight

Delhi based musicians Vibhu Singh and Vikramaditya began to experiment with their sound, and their vast range of influences definitely resulted in a beautiful creation. Mixing up influences from across the genre-pool they mixed elements of LoFi, Hiphop, Rock and Chillwave. In 2020 they conjured their musical moniker - "Kalbaisakhi" and wanted to share their vision of hip hop and electronic music to the world. Vibhu started drumming back in 2016, played the drums for some years, and later on in his college band. He started learning music production in 2017 but properly started producing as the lockdown began in March 2020.

When we asked them about why are they named so, they said "Kalbaisakhi is an amalgamation of different genres, styles and emotions. We want to bring new music to Indian listeners, experiment with sound and art, and collaborate with talented musicians."

Vibhu added " I have been discovering and developing my own sound as a musician for a long time, exploring both performed music genres such as Rock and Jazz, and production heavy genres such as Hip-Hop and electronica. My ideas have always been branched out, and I'm always on the lookout for new music, new musicians and new opportunities. "

Kalbaisakhi released his EP Tunnels on Christmas day 25th December 2020 which is a 7 track Multi Genre Instrumental EP. Vibhu started producing the EP by himself amidst lockdown and started discovering his sound in isolation. Tunnels is a multi genre experience that takes you through genres like Hip-Hop, Soul, Lofi, Chillwave and each song tells its own story. The EP progresses from bright, euphoric and cozy tones to chaotic, dark and psychedelic ones. It is a highly robust and experimental project, and people have welcomed it with open arms.

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