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Keeping it real through a bar fest: MoreFlow’s latest - ‘100 Bars’

Starting as someone who didn’t like hip-hop, Gaurav Singh, aka MoreFlow, has surely come a long way in his musical journey. This artist who became a musician 4 years ago, released his first track in 2019. Along with being an artist, MoreFlow is an actor as well. 27 years old, he is born and based in Bhayandar, Maharashtra. His biggest influence as an indie artist is Eminem, whom he fell in love with due to the latter’s way of expressing, his aggression, and the style of music incorporated. He credits his career in music to the rap artist saying he “made me do something about my situation and life.”

The artist personally believes that some significant situations in life help people shape themselves into something better and do worthwhile things in the world. For MoreFlow, it was his breakup and the loss of his dog that made him become the artist he is today. It was after these events that he picked up his pen and started writing his heart out. He tried new ‘flows’ and ‘switches’ which led to his decision of calling himself ‘MoreFlow.’ He looks at himself as a “man who hunts for flows.” The artist also had to go through surgery which he has talked about in his track ‘Crown,’ which caused a delay in the release of some of his older songs. His debut EP ‘MF SHOW,’ took about 4 months to write and record.

His single ‘100 Bars,’ released on 24 April 2022, is “all about bars.” He talks about what he observes and deals with in his surroundings. It was the artist’s dream to put out a song filled with bars and proper old-school boom bap style with a touch of Indian musical instruments. To fulfill this dream, he used the sound of a Maharashtrian instrument called Dhol Tasha at the end of the song. The hip-hop single was recorded in the setup in his bedroom.

As an artist who defines his story as one that’s “evolving,” MoreFlow wishes to collaborate with Eminem, Raftaar, and Divine in the future.

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