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  • Virendra Narain

'Kol Na Aaya' Sir Gamma's latest release featuring Jazzz Jyotsna

Another musical piece by talented musicians Sir Gamma and Jazzz Jyotsna has recently surfaced. The artists have had a good run with their first track and have released their second single. The two musicians who met through YouTube is now working and exploring musical spaces together. Sir Gamma who is known for his dynamic electronic production styles and Jazzz Jyotsna who's captivating voice is what brings melodies to life has gotten their latest single 'Kol Na Aaya' to the attention of many listeners.

Kol Na Aaya was released on December 17, 2021, on Youtube and Spotify. The music by Sir Gamma is a laid-back electronic beat with a chill drop that can be enjoyed at a club. Jazzz Jyotsna's emotional vocals make the track something that can be listened to during long walks. The collaboration between the artists always strikes a new kind of sound which is always appreciated by listeners.

There is a music video for the track which tells a story of a girl who recently broke up with a lover. She then learns to be self-involved and start working on herself by exercising and maintaining a diary. The next you get to see is how she learns to be around people who she can be herself and starts getting over the break-up. Besides the conceptual story in the video, there are some very interesting uses of transitions in the video. The lead role in the track is played by Rags who has also done the choreography for the dance. Rags also helped write the story for the music video for the track.

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