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  • Virendra Narain

Kp questions the voices in his head in his debut album 'Why?'

Prashant Kannan who goes by the moniker KP is a New Delhi based rapper. His journey began when he started writing music back in 2018. After honing his skills KP launched a visualizer album in 2021. His debut album 'Why?' was released on 10 September, 2021. All the music was produced by YKV and the video production was done by Black Air Productions. The song was recorded a Meraki Recording studio.

KP is a fan of the anime Naruto and his album takes inspiration from elements of the anime. He likes to believe hes like the lead character of the anime who has a voice inside his head. He likes to feel like a Jinchūriki to the Bijuu inside him. The inner voice in his head try to speak to him about many problems and he ignores them. Sometimes he doesn't know the voice exists. The album is a journey through his mind and how he interacts with the voices. The album is a five track album and they are named Blame, Genjutsu, Afterlife, Mayday and Why.

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