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KRU.6 and MC Gorkha’s Nep-Hop Cypher about the Nepali Hop scene in Shillong and India

A trio rap group from Shillong, India, KRU.6 has rappers Atoxin, Vocablo, and Yolf. An urge of wanting to cover multiple genres brought Atoxin to the rap scene. The artist who was born and raised in Shillong makes a tremendous impact on the scene now. Vocablo, on the other hand, has been a dynamic artist in the music scene since day one. He wants to explore and experiment with every genre possible and spread good music to the world. The last artist of this trio rap group Yolf, also from Shillong started his rap career in Shillong and rap in Nepali in 2019.

Currently pursuing his further education in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, the other artist who has collaborated with KRU.6 is MC Gorkha. An 18-year-old emcee, he is from Upper Mawprem, Meghalaya.

The trio and MC Gorkha recently released their Shillong Nep Hop Cypher under UCM India. UrbanChalla Music is an independent production house, artist collective, events co and labels to uplift the regional and local music scene. Closely working and nurturing the young upcoming local talents from the eastern and northeastern regions of India, UCM has a catalog that is multilingual and multi-genre.

The cypher talks about the Nepali Hip Hop scene in the city of Shillong as well as India as a whole. Written by Yolf, MC Gorkha, Atoxin, and Vocablo, the song is produced by Venom, one of the finest upcoming producers from Kharagpur, West Bengal. It was mixed and mastered by Yugi with Dibakar Baishya as the D.O.P. The credits for the artwork and editing go to Yash Chauhan.

We wish to see KRU.6 and MC Gorkha fly upwards and make their voice heard.

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