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Kukubh | Artist Spotlight

Black coffee is a constant everything else changes, says 33-year old Kukubh, a guitarist and singer-songwriter from Delhi. He took part in a band back in 2007 but due to a difference in opinions, couldn't sustain there. In 2019, He quit his day job to follow music as a full time career. He categorizes his music as 'easy-going' pop. For Kukubh, inspiration music comes from observing the world around him and introspecting it. Like most artists, he uses music as a method of expressing himself to the world. Among his many influences are Joe Satriani, Jimmy Page and Lucky Ali.

His first solo EP, Nasamajh, was released on October 10, 2020 and comprises of 8 songs, some Hindi, some English. The title track talks about the routine of life and how we begin to live so mechanically after one point, without taking a minute to stop and think. 'Nawab', meanwhile, is a playful song that talks about a child's innocence and stubbornness. 'Khafa' and 'Sisak' are on the darker side, talking about hopelessness and the feeling of being lost. 'Walk' is the counter to this though, and talks about how nature grounds us and brings us back to the present when we worry about tomorrow.

The second last song on the EP, 'Mother' is a tribute to his mom and talks about all the small and big things our mothers do for us, and to the best of their ability, just because they love their children. Topping it off, is a good ol' love song named 'Sabinah' which talks about Kukubh's personal experience in love. He has been writing these songs since the past few years and finally recorded them in his first EP. This EP has been produced and performed entirely by Kukubh himself at Crazy Lemur Studios in a matter of 2-3 months. He intends to follow up Nasamajh with a full length album soon and is already working on new songs.

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