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Kukubh draws parallels between life and a video game in his latest single - ‘Pac-man’

“You only get one life, so make the most of it,” is something that Kukubh Megwal, a 35-year-old music producer, guitarist, and singer-songwriter lives by. Based in Charmwood Village, Faridabad, he humbly describes himself as “a common man blessed enough to write and play to my heart’s content.” He started in a band in 2007 but pursued music seriously in 2019 after he quit his daytime job.

His music, a way of sharing who he is with the world, ranges from intimate acoustic pop to theatrical. His credits also include a full-length album, singles, background score, and sound design for indie films and bands. All his ideas generally start with a hum that later develops into the songs he is known and loved for. Although he is influenced by many artists like Lucky Ali, John Mayer, and A R Rahman, he does not recreate any artist’s style. Nevertheless, he extends his gratitude to all the artists who have unknowingly influenced him. When asked to describe his story in a word, he defined it as “floating.”

His latest single, released on June 20, ‘Pac-Man,’ is inspired by the gameplay of Pac-Man. It traverses along the maze of life, similar to the game, where humans try to capture the meaningless collection of “golden dots.” What we do, however, is escape our ghosts. Kukubh attempts to show us how as fun as the game might be virtual, life is a lot less rosy. The song is a mix of hard rock and funk, with some quirky guitar and synth sounds. It was recorded at the artist’s own studio called Crazy Lemur Studios. It was an in-house production with Mayank Sharma for the Bass and Kukubh for guitar, vocals, lyrics and music production. This song that started off when Kukubh started humming the main riff on a walk took roughly about two months to finish with him working on and off on the song because he does other things as well.

As an artist who firmly believes in creative freedom and experimentation, he surely has us waiting to see what he has in store next.

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