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Laxman Kerkar | Artist Spotlight

Laxman Kerkar from Goa had extra ordinary dreams to pursue when he realised it was time to change from his regular life and to sing to make people happy through his music. Wanting to be a better version of himself he strives to compete with himself and improve on his skills. His musical story began when he was inspired by his Grandfather who was a great classical Singer. Coming from a musical background he couldn't help but explore what his inherented talent.

Sticking to the traditions of his grandfather Laxman makes sure to keep his "riyaz" a constant and important part of his daily routine, and with all the practice he gets, he puts into producing and recording new music to express himself.

His latest track "Kaha hai tu" was released on 10th Jan 2021 and its a song based on a story. The story unfolds with the protagonist having feelings for a certain girl but couldn't express it since they were kids. Its a really cute renderation of how he protagonist waits to group up as he gathers the courage to confess his love, but the story takes a twist when the girl is no longer around. Laxman sings about how the boy is out to find the girl he has been in love with.

The track was recorded at Mangeshkar studios by Akash Mangeshkar based in Ponda-Goa and it took Laxman and his teams efforts from April 2020 to make this release possible. Its a happy pop track that influences happy vibes and an interesting story.

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