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  • Virendra Narain

Let Kaizen & Anirban put you in the mood to groove with their first single 'Tu Hi Sahi'

There are a handful of songs which can reel you in so effortlessly and so unknowingly. When I heard this song, I was hooked in the first few seconds itself! Let's first get to know our artists though. Nimish aka Kaizen is a music producer from Dehradun who recently collaborated with his college friend Anirban (from Agra) for the vocals on their new track. They tell us that their music has been influenced by artists like Twenty One Pilots and Jeremy Zucker and it really reflects brilliantly in their work.

'Tu Hi Sahi' was released on Feb 14, 2021. It's such a groovy track which blends perfectly with the vocals to hit the sweet spot. The funky guitar licks pair well with the airy voice that Anirban has. The song is about the butterflies you have in your stomach when you're just starting to fall for someone. It reflects a plethora of emotions such as vulnerability, insecurity, warmth, comfort as well as excitement. I guess what really sets the mood though is the smooth guitar riff which the song opens with, after that, you just fall deeper into your comfort zone with it. The duo tells us that this track was completely experimental and that there's around 20 versions of it which sounds nothing alike. Zeroing in on the final version took the duo about a month.

Anirban has studied Indian classic music in depth but loves to explore the various genres of music. Kaizen, on the other hand, has been playing the electric guitar since the past 10 years and started producing music rather recently. This is the first track they've released together, or as individual artists, after honing their skills during the lockdown. The pop/jazz duo would love to work with Zaeden and Jeremy Zucker if they ever got the opportunity.

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