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Let Siddhant Bansal calm your soul with his new single 'Main Kya Kahun'

Music isn't an easy career to pursue. In fact, we at Savaal understand that being a musician is nothing less than an entrepreneurial struggle. Well, 26-year-old Siddhant from Mumbai was initially involved in his family business too. Still, the love for and intrinsic ability to make music flows in his blood, down from his father. He's an Mechatronics engineer by qualification. Sid tells us that after covering more than 50 songs and writing 5 of his own, he now believes that with the right support system and enough self confidence, there's nothing a man can't do. Across his collaborations, he learnt along the way and says that every experience teaches you something new and of value.

Siddhant Bansal's latest track 'Main Kya Kahun' was released on April 25, 2021 across platforms. Right off the bat, you can tell that Sid has a lot of years behind him, spent practicing and perfecting his craft. His voice, is one of the most crisp, clear and melodic ones I have ever heard in my life. While there are so many artists who may sound great today, you will need lyrics to understand what exactly they are saying. Not the case here, Sid nails every single note, chord and word in this song. The track is a about a lover, who accepts the fact that some things aren't meant to be and the fact that you can't change a lot or have your own way. It's about acceptance and understanding that there's always something better out there.

When we asked Sid when he became a musician, he told us, "Everyone is born a musician. You are known (as a musician), when your work is showcased and recognized." I find that so beautiful since all our Indie artists resonate this energy. While there are so many small artists making beautiful songs, it's only the one who are heard in the crowd that make it to the big stage. 'Main Kya Kahun' was recorded over 2 sessions in the timeframe of a year at Emsquare Studios in Goregaon, Mumbai. Sid tells us that he dreams to work with artists like Amit Trivedi and Atif Aslam.

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