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Sourabh Joshi takes you back in time with his new single 'Dil Yeh'

Many Indian indie-pop artists dream of being on MTV Unplugged and for Sourabh Joshi, this dream came true in 2019 when he was asked to perform alongside Rekha Bhardwaj on the show. He is a software engineer turned musician from Jabalpur who settled in Mumbai more than a decade ago. Sourabh's songs are written my none other than his wife Pinky Poonawala. He tells us that his musical influences include Eric Clapton and John Mayer.

Sourabh's latest release 'Dil Yeh' is a light-hearted, fluffy number which has a retro vibe to it, thanks to the simple melodies as well as the upbeat lyrics. In a lot of ways, this track reminds me of the movie Barfi and the bare-bones approach that movie had to life. The song talks about a heart which is always looking for the silver lining in the dark clouds and spreads joy wherever it goes. The music video, which was shot in Matheran during a short trip the couple made there, matches the song perfectly with its easy-going nature as Sourabh skips around the place, playing his ukulele and singing the song in the tiny train. The song was recorded in a mere two hours and mixed and mastered at Notting Hill Blues Studio in Mumbai.

Sourabh has also been involved in the Bollywood music scene, with his debut song 'So Jao' featured in the movie Haider in 2014. Apart from his individual music, he is also part of a band named Sourabh and the Quartet. He loves travelling with the band and singing across the country. He would like to collaborate with Ankur Tewari among many other artists he looks up to.

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