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Life as a double-edged sword : Trisha J’s latest single ‘Killer Times’

“I don’t suppose I ever had a Eureka moment with my music but I can tell you this, I’ve never known silence without music,” says our artist for today. Trisha J is an independent artist from Pune. Coming from a family of Goans, she was born in Ahmednagar. A few non-ideal situations and open mics helped her shape into the artist she is today. At the age of sixteen, she started creating independent music and released her debut single ‘Clueless,’ a song about a constant state of oblivion. This was followed by ‘No Money,’ a track about Trisha’s monetary misadventures.

The 19-year-old artist’s influences include The Kinks, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens, and Fleetwood Mac. As a musician, she takes creative inspiration from FUR and The Brummies while making sure she never recreates them. The artist who believes her story so far is humble is currently learning music at a global music course at a university. She believes that “It is through acceptance, not judgment, that we can achieve wholeness.”

‘Killer Times,’ her recent single comes from a space of existential dread. Released on the 20th of November, it is a track that is told from the perspective of the modern-day goofy grim reaper. It is “reflective of time wasted in folly,” and captures the inability to keep up with the globe that is continuously spinning. The journey of self-acceptance is brought about in the song as it talks about such double-edged experiences.

The alternative/indie track urges listeners to take life lightly and accept both the good and the bad. The production vision for the track was about having an “unfazed attitude in the midst of an apocalypse.” The song took about 7 months to make for Trisha and was recorded with Akshay Gaikwad at his studio Penguin Perception in Pune.

Trisha’s music journey still might be at the very beginning, but she sets herself before the world with an open heart. We think that it's all that matters.

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