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Lighthouse Events breaking barriers and making things possible

Lighthouse events is a Pune based event curation platform, which was launched in 2019 by Arnav Shah and is managed by Gaurav Kutpelli. They had their first event at "Lord of the Drinks" and really got into the scene a year later. After a successfully running the local circuit and hosting events all over Pune with local artists. After an 8 months Hiatus due to Covid 19 Lighthouse Events are making a comeback in the scene due to everything opening up.

Sunburn Select is going to be happening on 31st Of Jan, 2021 at The Mafia Sky Lounge , Pune.

With the Special Performances by:

Julia Bliss. (@juliabliss)

MattMusic. (@iammattmusic)

13th Joker (@13th_joker)


Lighthouse events was founded by Arnav Shah and Gaurav Kutpelli and they are the Youngest Event Organizers in Pune making their dreams come true with this event. This event was made possible thanks to Rehan.M and Sagar.J. Arnav had to add that it was thanks to Nimish and Vallabh without who it wouldn't have been possible.

Arnav Shah is currently also Co-Manages MattMusic and looks to branch out in the Indian events and music Industry.

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