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Lil Sidley's latest album 'SuperGreen' will give you an experience like never before!

Hailing from Hyderabad, Siddhartha Gunti Aka Lil Sidley is a talented concept artist. Expressing himself in forms of rapping and storytelling, he is known to have captivated his audience with his latest album, SuperGreen. With years of experience in the field as a producer, composer, and music director, he is known for his structuring, delivery, and vocal engineering which will grab your attention in seconds. Lil Sidley has garnered over 100,000+ streams on his music across platforms and most of it was owing to the success of his new album. He is known for his over-the-top videos which he works on himself as a filmmaker. Besides making films, he has also been into acting from a very young age.

Lil Sidley used music to bring meaning to his life and he wants to be able to share his experience with the world in the form of Rap. The album 'SuperGreen' is a harmonious union of music and arts. Siddhartha has created an experience that blends illustrations and music to go hand in hand to tell a story. Each track in the album is accompanied by illustrations that portray the journey of the main character. This album is a beautiful example of Lil Sidley's vision transcending the usual music video to leave the listeners captivated by the concept.

The album was announced on July 15, 2021, and Lil Sidley has been releasing music like a drip-feed and has released three tracks so far. Lil Sidley is heavily inspired by artists like Lil Skies and Travis Scott. This explains his new-age hip-hop style noticed in the album with heavy autotune hooks and descriptive verses. With songs like CST, Kyu, and Green being the first three songs released on the album, you already get the direction he has taken with the tracks.

Lil Sidley made his exciting Bollywood debut by featuring on a song with Siddharth Mahadevan for Matrix Fight Night by Tiger Shroff. He participated in the writing of his verse and was very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it and have his talent recognized. Lil Sidley says that he is excited about the future and plans on releasing more songs through 2022 as a part of his ongoing album SuperGreen.

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