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Live like a dreamer with Aditiya Anand's single, 'Aawara'

Aditya Anand is a multitalented artist who is a Singer, Music Producer, and Songwriter from Ranchi, Jharkhand. He started delving into music at the young age of 6 years old when he saw his mother play the Harmonium. Always mesmerized with music, he always had his ear open for different genres to be able to expand his horizons. When he got older, he enrolled in KM Music Conservatory owned by Dr. A.R Rahman based in Chennai. After he completed his course there, he began his musical career by working as a freelance music producer and composer for indie artists, as well as working on Bollywood covers.

It was when he turned 24, he started to compose originals as he felt like he's reached the stage in life where he has mastered his technical abilities. The culmination of his thoughts and feelings was poured into his track Aawara which was released on 19th July 2021. When we asked him about the track he told us "Aawara is dedicated to all those people who want to live their passion and burn for their dreams. Anyone who dreams big is initially called an "Aawara '' by society. So this song is dedicated to all those Aawaras who dare to dream fearlessly. These emotions and thought process behind the song has been beautifully penned in the lyrics by my friend Hasan Iqbal."

awara is not a genre-specific track, but it has a lot of rock elements coupled with electronic synths and drums. The track featured a few artists such as Saurabh Lodha on the bass guitar, Kshitij Kr.Choudhary on the lead guitars and David Joseph on the drums. He worked with artist Akshata Khare for the illustration and animation of the cover art and video. Aditya also called upon his friend Vipul Guria and worked with him on the drum fills for the track and the song was mixed and mastered by Hanish Taneja. The sonic space that Aditiya has achieved with this track gives us goosebumps. Aawara is the story of dreamers who live to achieve their dreams.

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