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Logarhythm’s latest release ‘Saptarishi’ on the 7 ways of finding the self

With a habit of writing poetry from a very young age, Mainak Ghosh, aka Logarhythm, is a rap artist from Mumbai. Born in Kolkata, this 27-year-old artist also works as a full-time graphic designer for an advertising agency. He is known for his socio-political and real-life-based songs. The pen became his companion when started listening to Linkin Park and later on when he moved to Mumbai. The life he lived in Mumbai was his lyrics after which he started music on his own and discovered his duty as an emcee. Starting his musical career in 2018 by releasing songs on YouTube with his peers, Ghosh raps both in Hindi and Bengali.

In 2019, he released ‘Beat Pe Khatam,’ a single produced by Bluesanova, which is his most-watched rap video on his YouTube channel. Following this, in 2020, the artist released two major independent projects. He has also released a debut mixtape titled ‘Mayajaal’ and a compilation album called ‘R.O.O.T.S’ which includes his previously released singles. Ghosh has been featured by Rolling Stone for a track ‘Inquilab’ alongside veterans like CIZZY and MAHARYA.

‘Saptarishi,’ his latest hip-hop track, is a motivational track that attempts to tell the difference between our aspirations and reality. Released on the 9th of July, the track has J-king for music production, Tha Armanai for Sound Engineering, and Good Biscuit Productions for video direction and photography. As much as Ghosh agrees with the fact that 9-5 jobs have been the backbone of the financial condition of people, he thinks that this doesn’t mean that people are really happy. He poses a question to his listeners asking whether they are truly happy or feel as though something is missing in their lives. The title of the song ‘Saptarishi,’ is an ode to the 7-star constellation Ursa Major. Nevertheless, the artist has used the 7 stars of this constellation to depict the 7 ways of finding ‘the self.’ The track is a straightaway appeal that if people believe in themselves, the stars will be with them and align with every move they make. Ghosh strongly believes that the song chose him.

Currently, the rap artist is focusing on releasing new singles. His long-term goal is to bring the regional Bengali rap scene to the forefront and we are sure he shall do that very soon.

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