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Logarhythm shows his Lyrical acrobatics in his latest single 'Koi Nai'

Mainak AKA Logarhythm is a Hindi/Bengali rapper who found his passion for writing poetry at a young age during school. He soon saw the similarities in expressing himself through words by Rapping. His transition into a rapper began when he heard 'In The End' by Linkin Park and felt a strong resonance with Mike Shinoda's lyrics.

Through the years, he kept practicing his skill and the pen became his companion. He used the art form to express his situation when he moved to Mumbai from Kolkata. With time, he started producing his own music and understood the power of Rap music.

Although he works full time as a graphics designer in an advertising agency, he has mastered his lyrical flow. His rap style is unparallel to any other in the scene. His debut track 'Beat Pe Khatam' released in 2018, was produced by Bluesanova and is his most streamed song to date.

On 12th March 2022, he released his latest single titled Koi Nai along with a music video on YouTube. When we asked him about the track, Logarhythm said "The theme of this track revolves around you being the better version of yourself, there will be others but they won't be you. "

The music of this track is layered on a trap beat with orchestral elements giving it a dark touch of melody supported by motivational lyrics. The production of the track was done by Tha Armani and Logarhythm vibed with the beat and had the lyrics ready by the next morning.

The entire process of recording the track was done within 2 hours at Bluesanova's Studio, The whole track took under 4 days to complete and it was ready with its final master. Logarhythm's long-term goal is to bring the Bengali (regional) rap scene to the forefront.

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