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Looking for a fusion of love and groove? Madhurr's latest track 'Kasoor' does that for you

After ‘gathering an astounding 3 million + streams on his first Hindi single Yun Hi, Gurgaon-based artist-songwriter & producer - Madhurr has yet again proved his mettle with his second Hindi single “Kasoor” this time with a striking music video. A Dance-Pop themed love song alluding to a euphoric state of mind, “Kasoor” reminisces love at first sight with a fresh approach to contemporary Hindi Dance Music. The song features thumping slap bass guitars, tablas, catchy hooks, and dulcet vocals by “Madhurr”.

Currently based in Gurgaon and originally from Delhi, Madhurr is completely self- taught and has been a musician for over a decade now. An artist whose influences include Gryffin, Chainsmokers, Flume, and Ed Sheeran, he started off by playing the guitar in high school (2010) and later began to dabble in songwriting &

production in college. He formally studied music production at Icon Collective College of Music, Los Angeles in 2019 and soon after went on to win the Global pop Music Contest hosted by SKIO. Since then, Madhurr has expanded his creative prowess far beyond his musical talents with his new venture “Black Box” where he explores audio, visuals and design with a 360 outlook to all his productions. Kasoor is no different! From singing, songwriting, producing & mixing his track to fully editing and immersing in the video direction process, Madhurr went all in with his new sizzling single "Kasoor".

On asking about the recording process, he adds “ The recording process was quick; the song was written and recorded in less than two days. The production, on the other hand, took a while as I made multiple versions of the song and finally wrapped up the process in about three months.” The single was recorded at Icon Collective College of Music, Los Angeles. With no on-campus classes and extended studio booking hours post covid, the artist had the opportunity to pretty much live in the studio for months - a blessing indeed!

He gives credit to his college - Icon Collective where he studied Music Technology & Production, and praises his roommates, who proved to be his biggest source of inspiration during the writing process of Kasoor. “Los Angeles is such a global city, the perfect place to discover your own unique style. We used to go on hikes every weekend, admire the birdʼs-eye view of the city, and spend hours channeling our creative energy in music after reaching back home. Interestingly enough, after one of the fulfilling hikes, I sat down to work on a new Idea and was instantly hooked to a vocal chop I sampled that evening. It had that summer edge that made me want to put on my nicest clothes, hop in a classic Cadillac and drive across the Laguna stretch. That is how the vibe set in and the ideas started to brew. The next step was to create a chord progression on top which I top-lined a basic melody with broken lyrics that dictated the rest of the music production i.e the guitars, drums, synths, ambiances etc. I spend the next couple of weeks refining the lyrics, production, mix and recorded the final vocal take.”

“Kasoor is reminiscent of a time when I felt fully in sync with my heart and mind, happily immersed in my being. Those carefree “college” days defined my musicality to a large extent. "Currently, I'm working on building an immersive audio-visual live act and am excited to take my productions live soon” he adds. We couldnʼt be more excited for him and wish him the best of luck!

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