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Love or heartbreak, Thoda Sambhal! This indie-pop track by Archit & Smit has got you covered.

Archit & Smit, the indie-pop duo, ready to bring you the feels with their latest single ‘Thoda Sambhal’. Based in Bombay, the duo comprises Archit Shah (24) and Smit Ruparel (25). Both of them started playing the piano back in 2000’s and this furthered their interest in music. Since forming ‘Archit & Smit’ after meeting in college, they have been composing, producing, and writing. With a diverse interest in music, artists like A.R. Rahman, Amit Trivedi, Jacob Collier, Bon Iver, and Hans Zimmer top their favorite artists list.

'Thoda Sambhal' dropped last month on, 28 April 2021. A close friend of the duo, Yashita Sharma not only sang this song but also help co-write it. Yashita prior has also lent her voice for a few Bollywood tracks. “A feel-good love ballad, Thoda Sambhal is an amalgamation of a lot of pure positive thoughts with good vibes! Sonically we wanted to keep the soundscape really minimalistic and the lyrics relatable” said the duo. It took around 2 months from scratch, to complete the song and the video. Kushal Soni is to

be credited for the artwork and the post-production of the video. This soulful romantic leaves you with the proclivity of holding your loved ones tightly.

They recorded the song in their own facility by the name of P Cube Studios in Bombay. They have been running this studio for the past 2 years, and aim to help many more independent artists in Bombay to record and produce their music. The experience of the duo manages to reflect in their music. Hoping to get to work with their favorite artists like Shreya Ghoshal, Sukhvinder Singh, you can expect some more wonderful music from them soon.

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