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Maneuvering the ebbs and flow of love: Surya Pratap's latest single 'Befikr'

Born and brought up in Meerut and currently based in Delhi, 27-year-old Surya Pratap is a gifted musician whose passion for music took shape during his college days spent in Haryana. Owing to his undoubted talent and love for the art, he was blessed with a lot of exposure and limelight that landed him live shows in Jaipur that he partook in for two consecutive years. It led him to muster the courage and confidence to pursue music full-time and quit his mainstream MBA dreams that his family was vouching for. He became a part of the band NH1 where he got close to bassist Joy but eventually on account of financial difficulties, Surya ventured out as a solo artist.

His latest single 'Befikr' was released on the 20th of November this year and is a sensual, romantic melody that captures the uncertainty and transient feelings that come with love. Falling under the indie rock and indie jazz genre, the track interestingly wasn't intended to be the artist's first single release. Recorded in 2021 in Delhi in his small room studio setup, the song has been waiting to come out in the open and this year proved to be its time. The artwork was made by the artist himself.

Eager to collaborate with Coldplay someday, Surya enjoys incorporating music throughout his day. Musically influenced by the work of Coldplay, A R Rahman and Radiohead, this spirited artist loves challenging himself creatively and coming up with powerful recreations. We eagerly look forward to his future projects and wish him the very best of luck.

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