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Marshall Tyagi’s latest soulful release ‘Zamana Hua’ on nostalgic and heartfelt experiences

Born in Arunachal Pradesh and currently based in Mumbai, Marshall Tyagi’s love for music is so great that he left his job to pursue it full-time. He debuted with his hit song “Hit by the gravity,” which won the ‘best music video award of the year 2020’ in a contest held by ‘The Indies 2020.’ He was also one of the top 25 contestants in the reality show ‘The Stage’ in season 3. The artist who had been singing since his school days had been a part of an alternative rock band for 6 years as the lead vocalist. During this time, he released a 7-track album and extensively took part in the ‘Band War Era’ nationwide. Tyagi has released 5 singles till now, in genres ranging from funk, alternative, electronic, LoFi, and dreamy. He composes both in Hindi and English.

His music video for his debut song was featured in Rolling Stone for its unique perspective and representation of transgender rights and discrimination. “Chalo,” a song he produced with SVMT, a Mumbai-based label has an overwhelming number of views and streams across platforms. Other than this, the singer/songwriter also creates BGMs for web series for Disney Hotstar, edits music videos, and makes teasers, trailers, posters, and banners for new labels. He currently got selected to dub two songs as a playback singer for a major upcoming Bollywood movie set to release in 2022.

‘Zamana Hua,’ his latest release is supposedly a song about a person whom one wants to forget but fails to do so. “You wish things were different, but there’s nothing you can do about it,” the artist adds. Released on the 28th of July, the song is a blend of pop, soulful, and acoustic. It has a slight touch of melancholy as the song attempts to paint a picture of experiences that were nostalgic and heartfelt to the artist. Written, produced, composed, and recorded at Tyagi’s home studio, ‘Zamana Hua’ was composed within a month.

Performing big shows with a full band is Marshall Tyagi’s ultimate goal and dream. We hope he achieves it soon.

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