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MC NIKHIL: The Rapper Who Serves Cheesecake with a Twist

If you think cheesecake is just a dessert, think again. For MC NIKHIL, cheesecake is a way of life. It’s also the title of his latest album, which showcases his skills as a rapper and a storyteller.

“Cheesecake” is his third album, released on 27th March 2023. The album is a musical journey that takes the listener through the different stages of making a cheesecake, from the base to the filling to the topping. But it’s not just about baking. It’s also about living.

He says, “Cheesecake is a metaphor for how I approach everything. You need to have a solid base, which is your foundation and your identity. You need to have a creamy filling, which is your creativity and your expression. And you need to have a sweet topping, which is your personality and your charisma. You need to balance the flavors and textures. You need to bake it with patience and passion. And you need to share it with the people you love.”

His base is his roots in Bandra-Mumbai, where he grew up listening to different genres of music and developing his unique style. He started rapping at the age of 15 and released his debut project “Mukaam” in 2021, which gained him recognition from notable blogs like Rolling Stone India, Hiphop Weekly and Thisis50. He followed up with “Mukaam 2” and “Finer Things”, which showcased his versatility and growth as an artist.

MC NIKHIL’s filling is his lyrical prowess and his ability to craft catchy hooks and flows. He says, “I like to play with words and rhyme schemes. I like to experiment with different beats and sounds. I like to tell stories and express myself through music.” Some of his most popular songs include “Outskii”, “Born For Greater Things”, and “Cheesecake”, which have amassed thousands of streams on Spotify and other platforms.

MC NIKHIL’s topping is his personality and his charisma. He says, “I like to have fun and make people laugh. I like to connect with my fans and make them feel good. I like to spread positivity and inspire others.” He is known for his humorous videos on social media, his engaging live performances, and his collaborations with other artists.

He is a rapper who serves cheesecake with a twist. He says, “I want to make music that people can enjoy and relate to. I want to make music that can make a difference in someone’s life. I want to make music that can last forever.” He is ready to serve his fans with more delicious songs in the future.

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