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Milan Jain drops a chill deep track “Blinded" ft. Samkeet Pramod

DJ Milan from Bangalore, began to venture into the world of electronic music when he first discovered Daft Punk, Tiesto, Deadmau5, Hardwell, and other top artists. He started mixing songs and making mashups which is what made his love for music grow. Hip hop, techno, Deep House, Progressive House, and Trap are his favorite genres to play. He has been DJing since 2017 and got into music production by 2020. He is a Certified DJ by Beatworx Studio in Bangalore, he’s currently pursuing Music Production at Lost Stories Academy, Mumbai to further his knowledge of music.

His latest track released on 7th May 2021 "Blinded" with Samkeet Pramod which took 2 months for the track to come together. “Blinded is a chill deep house song that I made with my friend Samkeet during the quarantine.” Said Milan. “We were going through a tough time, music brought us together and helped us out.” He added. The whole idea and the track were made in a single day over a zoom call. They sat 12 hours straight through it and finished it as soon as Samkeet showed the initial idea, while their friend Vidhi Mandoth did the artwork. All of it was worked on in their bedrooms.

Being a Dj he starts his day early with a game of Football, then listens to music that inspires him while getting ready for work and like any DJ, the 23-year-old is most thrilled when his crowd is happily grooving to his music. He has international artists like Olly Esse Duckashaw, Naelack Jean Marie, and many more during their Indian tours. He looks forward to collaborating with artist lane 8. Milan can’t do without Music, football, Family, friends, and Ben Bohmer.

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