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  • Virendra Narain

Mission Recovery | Artist Spotlight

Mission: Recovery or MNR, is a rapper and songwriter from Pune, now based in Bangalore. He began making music as a form of healing/ therapy in 2018, working his way toward his first album release in August 2020 named ‘Origin’ with 12 tracks on the record. His music is inspired heavily by rappers such as NF and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park. His music talks about issues among today’s youth such as self-worth and other mental health issues on similar lines. He intends for his music to be therapeutic for his listeners. MNR works as a designer by day and musician by night.

In his latest release, ‘Riot’ which was released on Jan 1, MNR questions the societal structure as it is today and the challenges we see regarding freedom of speech and expression. In this track, MNR has ditched the modern production equipment like synth bass or leads. While his bars take centre stage, MNR has infused a lot of hard-rock elements into this one like double-time drum beats and guitar riffs by his late friend Sam Michael, who played a role in the previous album as well. The music video itself is full of dark distortions that keep you intrigued throughout. The way we see it, MNR has tried to blend the personas of both Linkin Park singers, the late Chester Bennington and rapper Mike Shinoda. The track’s vibe is as chaotic and rebellious as you’d expect from one named ‘Riot’.

Mission:Recovery plans to release 3-EPs leading to a single album in the course of 2021. If this first single is a barometer for what’s to come, you can expect some heavy rock-infused rap to blast your speakers real soon. If you’ve missed that old school vibe from Linkin Park albums like Hybrid Theory and Meteora, this upcoming album is something you want to keep an eye out for.

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