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MOIN | Artist Spotlight

Moin Farooqui is a versatile drummer and producer from Mumbai. He has worked alot of projects and is also known to be the drummer for the Mumbai based Trash Metal Band called "Carnage inc". He recently began a self titled project where he experiments with sounds of post and progressive rock.

The concept of MOIN was conceived in early feb 2020 and took further shape as the quarantine of the Covid 19 began. The first track "Seclusion" which literally means "quarantine" premiered on April 24, 2020. The songs in the album revolve around the human psyche and tries to express them through instrumental songwriting. The music is influenced by varied genres ranging from post rock, metal, funk to even hip-hop and contemporary. The album has collaborations with some of the musicians Moin spent the last few years on stage with.

Check out his album that released on 1st of August 2020

'Seclusion' his first track that premiered on April 24th 2020


Ek Nayi Subah

Artist that he collaborated with on the record:

Jay Rathod and Neilson Fernandes ( for Nightwalk and Meditate)

Tapan Kantharia and Neilson Fernandes (for seclusion)

Swar Joshi and Tushar Sharma ( for Clay Crown)

Neilson Fernandes ( for Ek Nayi Subah).

The Album Artwork is crafted by Varun Panchal - friend and frontman of Carnage Inc.

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