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Moosa Saleem brings us his new Indie pop single 'Aaj Kal'

Moosa Saleem, an artist from the scenically beautiful state of Jammu & Kashmir, currently based in Mumbai. He started working on his own album back in 2015. Apart from music, he also is a filmmaker and an author with six books to his name. He made his first feature film at the age of 20. His music videos which have been aired on MTV Indies and VH1. Moosa has also had the wonderful opportunity to have worked as an assistant director on the films directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Sajid Ali.

Moosa Saleem’s Indie pop track 'Aaj Kal' released on 8th March, 2021 with vocals by Umer Farooq, which took 5 months to record. He started working on the track at his home in Kashmir, wrapping up production, vocal melody and lyrics. He sent it across to Umer who was in Dubai at that time. He said “he loved the track but would like to make changes to the vocal melody and lyrics to suit his style”. Moosa was very open to that idea and started working on it and after two months they had 'Aaj Kal' ready to release.

The 27-year-old artist’s sings about how someone walks into one’s life and they, unknowingly, spin one’s whole world around and make them feel complete in ways they couldn’t possibly imagine they could. His most liked proverb being a Kashmiri one “A lamp cannot help a blind person in the dark”, Moosa Saleem states to be nocturnal and enjoys working on his music after everybody is asleep at his place. His influences include Ludovico Einaudi, Porcupine Tree and Pink Floyd. He absolutely enjoys trying new dishes, exploring new restaurants and banks on continental and Kashmiri Food. While being the versatile talent he is, Moosa Saleem wishes to collaborate with Vishal Dadlani and Steven Wilson.

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