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Mosambee teams up with Raghav Meattle & Saxontoast for their new chill-pop single 'Push It'

"Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror, just keep going, no feeling is final." 26-year-old Samarth Chawla, aka Mosambee is a Mumbai-based artist. Around the tender age of 8, he took piano lessons, only to quit a few years later, in tandem with his rebellious childhood. Still, his house had a musical presence to it since a piano and guitar were always an arm's reach away. At 17, he came across the concept of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and went on to begin recording music soon. Four years later, he went to formally study guitar, but ended up falling in love with the piano all over again. Soon, he gravitated towards songwriting and as a sessions instrumentalist.

His collab with Raghav Meattle (vocals) and Saxontoast (on the saxophone) is called 'Push It' and was released on March 29, 2021. The song takes an approach to pushing away laziness and procrastination that may leave us paralyzed at times. In the words "Get on top of it, baby don’t wait for the Winds to tell you when," the trio express the fact that "We can keep whatever we allow." It perfectly explains how self doubt and low self-esteem can make us waiver from our purpose at times, but we must push on or should I say "push it" and live our lives to the max, because we can! The music is very nostalgic in nature, and takes you back to a point in your memory you didn't know existed. The fact that it's serenaded with saxophone tunes is just the cherry on top of the cake.

You're wondering who's this cute cat is aren't you? That's Jackjack, one of Mosambee's friend's cats. He says that the lazy yawn in the picture perfectly goes with the theme of the song to get off your ass and go make something of yourself. The track has been recorded in Mumbai and Pune, in parts. The lyrics were written by Mosambee. With the pep talk that this song is, it's funny that it was teased for release in January but actually came out 3 months later!

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