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Mumbai Rapper Radiius gets sick in his latest track 'Bimar'

The Mumbai Rap scene is emerging in India and many artists have been popping out of the city. Radiius is one such rapper born and raised in the city of dreams. Life has not been all that easy for the artist as he lost his father when he was just 10 and was raised by his single mother. He had everything he needed because of his mother's powerful spirit who provided him with whatever he needed. Although he wasn't the best at studies, he was always an artsy guy since his childhood. His main mission in life is to make his mother proud for making all the sacrifices and being there for him.

Radiius listens to music all the time, to a point where music to his ears is one of his biggest need. He started writing back in 2014 and started producing his own music in 2016. It was in 2017 when he released his first single and ever since then, Radiius has been working on his skills to one day reach the likes of his idol, Eminem. Radiius has a unique flow and works as a lyrical acrobat. He recently Debuted in a song with Rap Legend Ishq Bector on a track called 'Shukriya'.

He released his track ' Bimar' on 7th August, 2021 which is one of his craziest tracks. In this song, he raps about how his thoughts control him and how they speak through him. He has been sick of all the paranoia that comes to his mind about haters and past grudges. He has used his song Bimar as a medium to vent his emotions out in the form of Rap. He went through quite a few changes when it came to the instrumental of this song, but in the end he decided to go with the second rendition of the intrumental and shot the music video for it.

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