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"My Reason to Carry" on is a love ballad by Tanushree Saha and Chalam Mani about maturity in love.

The daughter of a scientist who was born a musician. Learning bhajans, ghazals, regional folk, Rabindra Sangeet etc, from the age of 5 Tanushree Saha set herself upon her journey to be a musician at a young age. She has studied design in the most prestigious institutes of India, like NIFT and NID and has worked in the design industry for 10 years but then she decided to pursue her deep passion of music. She quit her plush job and started learning music production and soon found out that she could create beats & music, write lyrics and produce songs by herself quite easily and began releasing her own music.

Tanushree has been performing in the Bangalore local scene and has collaborated with various Indian and International artists in the last 3 years. She has also performed over 300 shows before the pandemic hit. Besides a live career she has also been streamed on Music TV channels like 9xO, Vh1 etc. Her latest track "My Reason to Carry on" is a collaboration between her and Chalam Mani. The lyrics was already written by Chalam earlier & it took about a month to create the music & record the vocals. The whole track was produced and recorded in Tanushree's home studio .

The single is a situational Love-Hate Ballad about the hot and cold dynamics of being in a mature relationship. Where the artist speaks of the numerous challenges that one faces while being wrapped up in the complexities of dependency, possession, constraint and accountability etc. They say "We want and accept portions of it but never the whole experience, even though we all know complete acceptance is the key to ultimate happiness and freedom." and we love the thought put into what goes down when its not fun and games anymore and its a real life time commitment that we need to not let go of each other and adjust to make the true art of love work its Magic.

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