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Naheed’s debut single ‘Kya Pata’ will surely tug at your heartstrings

An artist based in New York, Naheed took an interest in music when the covid 19 pandemic began. This led her to learn singing from the notable Shriram Iyer. While her journey with music began long ago during her college days, studying medicine put her passion on pause. The pandemic, therefore was a blessing in disguise for Naheed as it helped her rekindle her interest in music while still being the successful doctor she is. She continuously and consistently practiced singing despite her tough work schedule. This made her the artist she is today.

Shriram Iyer, a well-known name in the Bollywood industry has been the magic behind the single we are here to feature today. He has sung for popular movies like ‘No One Killed Jessica,’ ‘Udaan,’ ‘Shor in the City,’ and ‘Manikarnika.’ The artist has worked with Amit Trivedi on the MTV Coke Studio and has released multiple independent songs over the last two years. He has collaborated with artists like Harshdeep Kaur and Nikita Gandhi. Iyer has performed over 4000 shows around the globe in more than 15 countries so far.

‘Kya Pata,’ is a single with these two beautiful artists working behind it. Released after just a year and a half of training under Iyer, the song is Naheed’s debut indie pop single. Composed by her teacher, it has Naheed on the vocals and Ruchi Japee on the lyrics. Released on the 22nd of December, it was released under the ‘Soul Sync’ label.

Kicking in with the breezy and romantic rhythm patterns of an acoustic guitar, ‘Kya Pata’ is about a girl confused about her first love. It shall surely evoke a warm, fuzzy feeling within everybody who listens to the song, urging them to reminisce about their own love stories filled with confusion. “I feel she has a magical and expressive voice which can bring lyrics to life,” says Shriram on Naheed.

We guarantee you that the song will touch your heart like no other considering how beautifully it's written, arranged and executed.

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