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Nasa Nassa's latest album Apollo The Landing is a jump to the stars

Born on the first day of the week on the 10th of February, 1992, is the Montreal-based songwriter and vocalist, Moubarak Nasser Owusu. He goes by the stage moniker Nasa Nassa. Although he was born in Kumasi, Ghana, he knew that his vision will come to life in Canada.

Despite his relocation, he stays true to his roots and that is clearly visible in his music and art style. He moved with a vision to create a unique sound that personifies him. and works on making sure that each track of his is an amalgamation of unique melodies and soulful lyrics.

His latest album 'Apollo The Landing' was released on June 17th, 2022. The album is a 16-track release in which he shares his views about money, space, and the mysteries of the world. The 7th track of the album depicts his views of how the whole world is chasing money.

When we asked him to tell us about himself, he told us "the name "Nasa" comes from my love for astronomy and my interest in understanding what is not understood. And last but not least "Nassa", because in my country Nasser is said like Nassa. I strive to create "hybrid music" in the sense of mixing genres and assets from different musical cultures."

"I try my best to not sound or create the same type of music and this is something I feel my debut album "Apollo the Landing" is all about. When it comes to my image I have a custom red/black spacesuit with a black star on my heart depicting my country's black star on the flag. I also wear suits as a metaphorical meaning that "I mean Business" he added.

With influences ranging from Lil Wayne to Coldplay and 21 Pilots, he tries to keep himself inspired by music with no boundaries of genre. The album 'Apollo The Landing' took him a month to produce, but that is only because he started writing most of the lyrics for the album two years ago.

We look forward to seeing what is next for him as he's an artist to definitely keep on your radar.


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