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Neela's "You'll Never Know": A Powerful Anthem of Empowerment and Expression

Neela's latest release "You'll Never Know" is a powerful anthem of empowerment and expression. In this single, she captures the raw emotions of anger and frustration caused by injustice, but also explores the other side of the pain, including resentment, strength, and acceptance.

As a rising Indo-Canadian artist, Neela draws on her North Indian roots, jazz upbringing, and diverse musical studies to create a unique and soulful sound. Her wide range and smooth vocal quality allow her to experiment with various genres, from R&B and soul to pop, folk, and EDM.

Born into an East-Indian family, pursuing a career as an artist came with its challenges, but Neela's dedication and persistence have paid off. Her authentic and vulnerable approach to songwriting has caught the attention of industry insiders, including Grammy-award winning producers like Slakah the Beatchild, Chin Injeti, and Akeel Henry.

Beyond her musical talents, Neela's background in theater and dance brings an electrifying energy to her live performances. The stage is where she feels most at home, and she uses it as a platform to share her truth and vulnerability, once qualities that made her feel like an outsider.

In "You'll Never Know," Neela's collaboration with Alvin Brendan, Akeel Henry, and Kevin Ekofo brings to light the complexity of emotions that arise from injustice. Her smooth and sultry voice guides listeners through the pain, the anger, and the hope for a better tomorrow.

The artwork for the single, credited to Purusha Anokhei, captures the essence of Neela's message. It depicts a woman with her head held high, surrounded by colorful flowers, representing growth and beauty that can arise from pain and hardship.

As you listen to "You'll Never Know," you'll hear the power and authenticity in Neela's voice and the honesty and vulnerability in her lyrics. Follow her on social media, @neelamusic, to stay up to date on her latest releases and performances, and check out the work of the talented artist behind the single's artwork, @anokhei.

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