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Nk’nan’s latest ‘On Your Own’ speaks of things we’re all afraid to talk about

An artist who sees himself as the ‘underdog,‘ Nimesh Krishnan, who goes by the name Nk’nan, likes to start his day with a cuppa and social media. He has been writing songs since the age of 13 but released his first song when he was 21 years old. Currently 24 years old, this solo artist is originally from Kerala but grew up in Kolkata.

The artist started writing songs because of his then favourite band, Linkin Park. Later, when he got introduced to hip-hop, he slowly started structuring verses after which writing songs became his favourite thing to do. When asked about the artists who have influenced him, he said “ J Cole’s vulnerability, Kendrick Lamar’s technicality, Eminem’s wordplay, Tech N9ne’s lyrical insanity” have had an impact on him as a musician.

‘On Your Own,’ his latest release, is a song that is very personal to him. Even though the song was written a long time ago, Nk’nan released this track on the 16th of July. He was a little hesitant in letting his audience hear it until he decided that people had to know about things we all go through but are afraid to talk about. Since the artist has been extremely vulnerable in this song, it is very dear to him. The song is a mix of hip hop and rap.

The artist took about two hours to write the song and a day to record it. Recorded at a friend’s studio, the song is produced by Dee Ven and is open for interpretation. The song was mixed and mastered by DevJeet.

Nk’nan is sure that everybody can relate to the track on a much deeper level if they’ve been through something similar and hopes it reaches them all. He advises his listeners to listen to ‘On Your Own’ from their perspective and see what strings it may pull in them.

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